Kinani and Josué

Josué and Kinani

Josué and Kinani during a Sunday morning worship service at the Mennonite student hostel.

Every year young people from around the world travel to North America to participate in Mennonite Central Committee’s International Visitor Exchange Program (IVEP). Two young men from Burkina Faso left a couple of weeks ago to spend the year in Calgary and Montreal.

They are members of the Mennonite Church of Burkina Faso and were residents at the Mennonite student hostel in Ouagadougou. We are thrilled for them to have this opportunity and even more so because for a few months we were not sure that they would be able to participate in the program. The Canadian government first refused their request for visas, so they were not able to leave in August as planned. They finally received their visas in October and left on Oct. 28. After an initial orientation in Vancouver, they will go to their placements and begin their activities. Although the delay of their departure was worrisome, it did permit Kinani to take his third-year law exams which had been postponed since July and were finally given Oct. 10-26. We see God’s hand even in those circumstances that seem adverse. If he had not been able to take his exams, he might have been required to repeat all three years!


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