Deborah’s Birthday

Tuesday October 2 was Deborah’s eleventh birthday.  How should we celebrate?  That was the question of the last two weeks.  We could invite the girls from Deborah’s class to come to our house for a party, but since we are still in “settling in” mode the lack of furniture makes us somewhat uncomfortable hosting her friends for the moment.  As well, Deborah is still getting to know the girls and boys in her class.  Yet we wanted to make her first birthday in Burkina Faso special.  What should we do?


Deborah and Miago. Why is it that every time we take a photo for the blog the kids are wearing the Raystown Resort tie-die shirts that Grandma Yoder gave them?

After more discussion, Deborah decided she didn’t want a party with friends this year.  Next year would be soon enough.  Now it was up to mom and dad to make the birthday unforgettable.  The first thing was to make Deborah’s favorite cake:  wacky cake (chocolate cake).  What about gifts?  Then it came to us: Deborah wanted a cat.  There was a family who had left behind a cat when they went back to Europe.  The cat was being temporarily lodged with another family, but needed a home.  Could we adopt Miago and give him to Deborah for her birthday?  We could and we did.

When Deborah got home from school, Miago was hiding in a corner of the bathroom.  I told Deborah to go look in the bathroom for spiders (something she routinely does before setting foot in the door!)  She went and looked in and saw a white and ginger colored cat.  Her reaction:  she jumped up and down clapping her hands and saying “Thank you, thank you!”  Every year from now on she will celebrate both her birthday and the adoption of Miago on Oct. 2!


3 thoughts on “Deborah’s Birthday

  1. Un peu en retard pour te souhaiter un joyeux anniversaire Deborah depuis l’Espagne, mais jamais tard pour te souhaiter une multitude de bénédictions!! Tu as beaucoup grandi et tu est très belle!! Gros bisous, spécialement de Loida notre fille.
    La famille lopez: Heli et Esther.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Deborah! We had our retreat last weekend, and I know that Mikaela was missing you. Love the cat! Bisous, Laura (Ian and Sam’s mom)

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