International Day

Here in Cotonou Jeremiah and Deborah are blessed to attend “International” schools. That is they go to school with children from all over the world and hence interact regularly with customs and traditions of many different cultures. In Jeremiah’s class there are students from the U.S., Canada, Benin, Cameroon, Germany, England, India, Nigeria, Palestine, Peru, Liberia, Togo, Mexico and Holland. Deborah has friends from Benin, the U.S., Canada, France, China, Thailand, Lebanon, Switzerland, Spain Burkina Faso, Italy and Togo.

At the International English School, where Jeremiah attends, they had their annual “International Day” celebration yesterday. The students dressed in traditional garb from their home countries and parents brought typical dishes to share for lunch. Students performed songs, skits and other entertainment for parents and friends. We heard and saw everything from North American hip hop to African dances.

Just one of the many advantages to living in Cotonou!

Flags from all over!

Flags from all over!

Jeremiah\'s class sharing a song.

Now just what is typical garb from North America!?!


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