Easter Service

The English Fellowship group we are a part of had it’s annual Easter service at the beach again this year. English Fellowship is a group of expats who get together Sunday afternoons for a time of singing, worship, Sunday school and fellowship in English. In our time in Benin it has become our church family in many ways. Those who attend are missionaries, embassy folk and other English speaking expats who live in Cotonou. We meet in someone’s home and are usually around 30 to 40 in number. It is the one place here in Benin where Jeremiah and Deborah can experience in English something close to what one would call Sunday school in North America. As has become our custom we met on Sunday for a morning Easter service at the beach. Nancy led us in worship and in acting out the Passion Week story. See some of the photos (in addition to some from the afternoon kayaking adventure) by clicking here . Many of the families who attend the Fellowship are leaving Benin this summer, so pray that others will be added to the group and that we continue to find ways for Jeremiah and Deborah to have that kind of “Sunday school” experience.

After the morning service we spent some time at a lagoon where Jeremiah and Deborah had a chance to try their hand at kayaking. The lagoon is only a few feet deep so it’s a good place to learn. It took a while but has you can see from the videos below Jeremiah finally got the hang of it.


On Good Friday I returned from a short visit to the Mennonite Church in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. I did some teaching and spent some time on administrative tasks. Here are some of the photos from the trip, one from a class session and most of the others of church members preparing cassava for processing. They make it into a kind of paste which is eaten with stew. It’s quite tasty but sits heavy in the stomach.


One thought on “Easter

  1. Bruce, I’m glad that you returned safely from your travels. The lagoon looks like a wonderful place to spend Easter.

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