The Bible and Development, Among Other Things

These past couple weeks have been quite busy with the visit of Steve Wiebe-Johnson, Mennonite Mission Network Director for Africa, our supervisor.  We’ve had extended time to meet with him and discuss the different ministries that we participate in and to think about what the future holds for us and for the work in West Africa. 

Steve also taught the seminar Bible and Development, a course that attempts to bring a faith perspective to development issues.  Steve showed that, in contrast to the secular world’s understanding of development based on the advancement of self interest, the Bible presents development as centered on people living in communities that reflect God’s shalom, peace with justice.  The course also provides several tools for organizing and planning actions in community based development. Steve teaching at BBI

Steve teaching with translator Robert Hounkpebi

Bible and Development student

Students during the Bible and Development course

After the teaching part of the visit was over we did a quick trip to Ghana for meetings with folks at the Ghana Mennonite Church and at Good News Theological College and Seminary.  Taking advantage of being in Ghana we also visited the Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission and Culture; a Ganaian institution of higher learning that trains church leaders in the areas of African Christianity; Bible Translation and Interpretation; Theology and Mission; and Cross-Cultural Ministry.  It is quite an impressive program that focuses on Christianity in the African context.  Check out the school at


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