First Post


We hope this blog will be a means of sharing about life in West Africa and keeping folks informed about our partners and their different ministries.  We welcome your comments and questions.

This weekend is the start of the monthly seminar at IBB, Mr. Alphonse Godonou is teaching the course on The Gospels.  Starting tomorrow we are also hosting Dr. Thomas Oduro, principal of the Good News Theological College and Seminary in Ghana.  Good News has a mandate that is similar to that of IBB, to provide biblical and theological training for church leaders, particularly those of African Initiated Churches (AICs).   AICs are those churches founded by Africans, not by Western missionaries, to meet the need of a contextualized Christian faith on the continent.  Mennonite missionaries have worked with both schools over the years and continue to provide ongoing support.  We hope that this visit will initiate a fruitful relationship between the two schools.  Up to now that hasn’t been much contact between these two initiatives, perhaps because of distance and different languages (Benin – French and Ghana -English).  We’re looking forward to a good visit.


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